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Posted on: March 23, 2009 9:24 am

Who's National Pastime?

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Waste Basket. Here I will talk about my favorite teams as well as whatever else is burning. And don't even bother crying political incorrectness, because frankly I don't care.

While all other blogs in March are discussing the madness of the men's NCAA basketball tournament, what I really feel necessary to discuss is last night's World Baseball Classic game against Japan. Basically the USA blew the whole game in one inning and outplayed Japan 60% of the rest of the game. That 4th inning was very painful to watch, not only becasue of Mark DeRosa's error which would have put two away most likely leading to an almost unscathed inning but what really bothered me the whole game were the Japanese fans. ESPN would not stop pointing the cameras towards those Japanese fans the entire game!

Now, ESPN's camera crew may not have believed so, but I know there were Americans in that stadium. I heard them when they chanted "USA! USA! USA!" (my personal favorite part of the game). I mean, it seemed like they were showing the same people over and over. Everyone was squinty eyed, wearing some sort of rubber sumo head cover (that's the best I can explain it), and waving around paper signs, fans and flags just asking to be set ablaze by some ligter carried by an American smoker. I don't know how the Americans sitting around them were able to even watch the game becasue it seemed like the Japanese were always standing and dancing around to what looked like some sort of voodoo ritual.

What horrifies me even more is that the final game, featuring South Korea and Japan, will draw thousands of Asians carrying whistles, airhorns, and boomsticks into Dodger Stadium. And there will be no civilized American fans to offset the insanity.

But enough of the negativity, good luck to the Japanese players. I may not be able to stand their fans, but this team is a force to be reckoned with. Their pitching is second to none in the WBC and their players are hungry to take home another championship to their homeland.

Here's my suggestion: Challenge Japan to a game of football.

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